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Jason B. Dunham

Dunham, Jason B.

Supervisory Research Ecologist

Office: 541-750-0990
Fax: 541-758-8806
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331


Ph.D. Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology from University of Nevada-Reno


Aquatic Ecology

Research Interests

Landscape ecology of aquatic ecosystems, conservation biology of focal species, ecology of natural disturbance, biological invasions, monitoring

Personal Interests

Australian cattledogs, mycophilia, water sports

Research Team

Aquatic Ecology Laboratory - Team Page


101 Total

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Clemens, B.J., Beamish, R.J., Coates, K.C., Docker, M.F., Dunham, J.B., Gray, A.E., Hess, J.E., Jolley, J.C., Lampman, R.T., McIlraith, B.J., Moser, M.L., Murauskas, J.G., Noakes, D.L., Schaller, H.A., Schreck, C.B., Starcevich, S.J., Streif, B., van de Wetering, S.J., Wade, J., Weitkamp, L.A., Wyss, L.A., 2017, Conservation challenges and research needs for Pacific lamprey in the Columbia River Basin: Fisheries, v. 42, no. 5, p. 268-280,[Details]

Gonzalez, R., Dunham, J.B., Lightcap, S.W., McEnroe, J.R., 2017, Large wood and in-stream habitat for juvenile Coho salmon and larval lampreys in a Pacific Northwest stream: North American Journal of Fisheries Management, p. online,[Details]

Olson, D.H., Johnson, S.L., Anderson, P.D., Penaluna, B.E., Dunham, J.B., 2017, Chapter 14 - Aquatic-Riparian Systems In Olson, D.H., Van Horne, B., eds., People, Forests, and Change: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest: Washington, D.C., Island Press, p. 344. [Details]

Suzuki, F.M., Dunham, J.B., Silva, L.M., Alves, C.M., Pompeu, P.S., 2017, Factors influencing movements of two migratory fishes within the tailrace of a large neotropical dam and their implications for hydropower impacts: River Research and Applications, v. 33, p. 514–523,[Details]

Benjamin, J.R., Heltzel, J.M., Dunham, J.B., Heck, M.P., Banish, N., 2016, Thermal regimes, nonnative trout, and their influences on native bull trout in the Upper Klamath River Basin, Oregon: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, v. 145, p. 1318-1330,[Details]

Dunham, J.B., White, R., Allen, C.S., Marcot, B.G., Shively, D., 2016, The Reintroduction Landscape- Finding Success at the Intersection of Ecological, Social, and Institutional Dimensions - Chapter 5 In Jachowski, D.S., Millspaugh, J.J., Angermeier, P.L., Slotow, R., eds., Reintroduction of Fish and Wildlife Populations: Oakland, California, University of California Press, p. 79-103. [Details]

Eckmann, M., Dunham, J.B., Connor, E.J., Welch, C.A., 2016, Bioenergetic evaluation of diel vertical migration by bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in a thermally stratified reservoir: Ecology of Freshwater Fish, p. online,[Details]

Falke, J.A., Dunham, J.B., Hockman-Wert, D.P., Pahl, R., 2016, A Simple Prioritization Tool to Diagnose Impairment of Stream Temperature for Coldwater Fishes in the Great Basin: North American Journal of Fisheries Management, v. 36, no. 1, p. 147-160,[Details]

Kovach, R.P., Muhlfeld, C.C., Al-Chokhachy, R., Dunham, J.B., Letcher, B.H., Kershner, J.L., 2016, Impacts of climatic variation on trout- a global synthesis and path forward: Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, v. 26, no. 2, p. 135-151,[Details]

Landguth, E.L., Bearlin, A., Day, C.C., Dunham, J.B., 2016, CDMetaPOP- an individual-based, eco-evolutionary model for spatially explicit simulation of landscape demogenetics: Methods in Ecology and Evolution, v. 8, p. 4-11,[Details]


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