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Michael N. Kochert

Kochert, Michael N.

Scientist Emeritus

Office: 208-426-4115
Fax: 208-426-5210
970 Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706


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Bedrosian, G., Watson, J.W., Steenhof, K., Kochert, M.N., Preston, C.R., Woodbridge, B., Williams, G.E., Keller, K.R., Crandall, R.H., 2017, Spatial and temporal patterns in golden eagle diets in the western United States, with implications for conservation planning: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 51, no. 3, p. 347-367,[Details]

Steenhof, K., Kochert, M.N., McIntyre, C.L., Brown, J.L., 2017, Coming to terms about describing golden eagle reproduction: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 51, no. 3, p. 378-390,[Details]

Heath, J.A., Kochert, M.N., 2015, Golden Eagle dietary responses in relation to habitat alteration and climate change in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey NCA: 2014 Interim Progress Report, p. 19. [Details]

Steenhof, K., Brown, J.L., Kochert, M.N., 2014, Temporal and spatial changes in Golden Eagle reproduction in relation to off highway vehicle activity: Wildlife Society Bulletin, v. 38, no. 4, p. 682-688,[Details]

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O'Connell, M., Kochert, M.N., 2013, Interactions between a group of Golden Eagles and a herd of North American Elk: The Journal of Raptor Research, v. 47, no. 4, p. 416-418. [Details]

Kochert, M.N., Steenhof, K., 2012, Frequency of nest use by golden eagles in southwestern Idaho: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 46, no. 3, p. 239-247,[Details]

Kochert, M.N., Fuller, M.R., Schueck, L.S., Bond, L., Bechard, M.J., Woodbridge, B., Holroyd, G., Martell, M., Banasch, U., 2011, Migration patterns, use of stopover areas, and austral summer movements of Swainson's hawks: The Condor, v. 113, no. 1, p. 89-106. [Details]

Kochert, M.N., McKinley, J.O., 2008, Use of body mass, footpad length, and wing chord to determine sex in Swainson's hawks: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 42, no. 2, p. 138-141. [Details]

Varland, D.E., Smallwood, J.A., Young, L.S., Kochert, M.N., 2007, Chapter 13- Marking techniques In eds., Raptor Research and Management Techniques: Blaine, WA, Hancock House, p. 221-236. [Details]

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