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Kurt J. Jenkins

Jenkins, Kurt J.

Research Wildlife Biologist

Office: 360-565-3041
Fax: 360-565-3042
600 East Park Avenue
Port Angeles, WA 98362


B.S., University of California, Davis, Zoology, 1977
M.S., Oregon State University, Wildlife Ecology, 1980
Ph.D., University of Idaho, Wildlife Ecology, 1985


Wildlife ecology, management, and monitoring

Research Interests

Mammalian ecology
Population, Community, and Ecosystem studies of Large Mammals
Wildlife-Habitat Relationships
Designing wildlife monitoring programs

Personal Interests

Outdoor activities (camping, hiking, fishing); The home front (my kids, kids sports, untangling fish lines, raising animals); Reading biographies and history; Traveling more.


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East, A.E., Jenkins, K.J., Happe, P.J., Bountry, J.A., Beechie, T.J., Randle, T.J., 2017, Channel-planform evolution in four rivers of Olympic National Park, Washington, U.S.A.- The roles of hydrology, sediment supply, and trophic cascade: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 42, p. 1011-1032,[Details]

East, A.E., Jenkins, K.J., Happe, P.J., Bountry, J.A., Beechie, T.J., Mastin, M.C., Sankey, J.B., Randle, T.J., 2017, Reply to “Wolf-triggered trophic cascades and stream channel dynamics in Olympic National Park- a comment on East et al. (2016)” by Beschta and Ripple: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, p. online. [Details]

Lewis, J.C., Jenkins, K.J., Happe, P.J., 2017, Fishers on the Olympic Peninsula. The Learning Forest. October 2017, Issue 2.: p. 11. [Details]

Ray, C., Saracco, J.F., Holmgren, A.L., Wilkerson, R.L., Siegel, R.B., Jenkins, K.J., Ransom, J.I., Happe, P.J., Boetsch, J.R., Huff, M.H., 2017, Recent stability of resident and migratory landbird populations in National Parks of the Pacific Northwest: Ecosphere, v. 8, no. 7, p. e01902,[Details]

Ray, C., Saracco, J.F., Jenkins, K.J., Huff, M.H., Happe, P.J., Ransom, J.I., 2017, Development of a robust analytical framework for assessing landbird population trends, dynamics and relationships with environmental covariates in the North Coast and Cascades Network: National Park Service Natural Resources Report NPS/NCCN/NRR—2017/1483, p. 72. [Details]

Facka, A.N., Lewis, J.C., Happe, P.J., Jenkins, K.J., Callas, R., Powell, R.A., 2016, Timing of translocation influences birth rate and population dynamics in a forest carnivore: Ecosphere, v. 7, no. 1, p. e01223,[Details]

Happe, P.J., Jenkins, K.J., Kay, T.J., Pilgrim, K., Schwartz, M., Lewis, J.C., Aubry, K.B., 2016, Evaluation of Fisher Restoration in Olympic National park and the Olympic Recovery Area- 2015 Annual Progress Report: National Park Service, Natural Resource Report NPS/OLYM/NRR—2016/1274, p. 1-34. [Details]

Jenkins, K.J., Happe, P.J., Bierne, K., Baccus, W.T., 2016, Mountain goat abundance and population trends in the Olympic Mountains, northwestern Washington, 2016: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2016-1185, p. 21,[Details]

Lewis, J.C., Jenkins, K.J., Happe, P.J., Manson, D.J., McCalmon, M., 2016, Landscape-scale habitat selection by fishers translocated to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington: Forest Ecology and Management, v. 396, p. 170-183,[Details]

Moriarity, K., Howell, B., Morozumi, C., Happe, P.J., Jenkins, K.J., Aubry, K.B., 2016, Interagency Pacific marten (Martes caurina) distribution study on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington: U.S. Forest Service, p. 16. [Details]

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