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Charles J. Henny

Henny, Charles J.

Scientist Emeritus

Office: 541-750-1013
Fax: 541-753-6848
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97330


PhD Wildlife Ecology (1970) Oregon State University
MS Wildlife Ecology (1967)
BS Fisheries & Wildlife (1965)


Environmental Contaminants (Field studies with emphasis on raptors and fish-eating birds), Population Ecology, Avian Surveys and Monitoring.

Research Interests

Long-term interest with Ospreys, and an interest in the unique situations/ characteristics that make particular species vulnerable to contaminant threats.

Personal Interests

Collecting bird books


220 Total

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Henny, C.J., Hill, E.F., Grove, R.A., Chelgren, N.D., Haggerty, P.K., 2017, Mercury and drought along the lower Carson River, Nevada- IV. Snowy egret post-fledging dispersal, timing of migration and survival, 2002-2004: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, v. 135, p. 358-367,[Details]

Henny, C.J., Martell, M., 2017, Satellite-tagged osprey nearly sets longevity record and productivity response to initial captures: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 51, no. 2, p. 180-183,[Details]

Henny, C.J., 2016, Role of raptors in contaminant research In Perry, M.C., Smith, G.J., eds., The History of Patuxent: America's Conservation Research Story: Circular 1422, Reston, VA, U.S. Geological Survey, p. 255,[Details]

Henny, C.J., 2016, Mercury Exposure in Piscivorous Birds at the Carson River (NV) Superfund Site, 1997-2006: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release,[Details]

Martell, M., Bierregaard, Jr., R.O., Washburn, B.E., Elliott, J., Henny, C.J., Kennedy, R.E., MacLeod, I., 2014, The spring migration of adult north American ospreys: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 48, no. 4, p. 309-324,[Details]

Washburn, B.E., Martell, M., Bierregaard, Jr., R.O., Henny, C.J., Dorr, B.S., Olexa, T.J., 2014, Wintering ecology of adult North American ospreys: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 48, no. 4, p. 325-333,[Details]

Anderson, D.W., Henny, C.J., Godinez-Reyes, C., Gress, F., Palacios, E.L., Santos del Prado, K., Gallo-Reynoso, J., Bredy, J., 2013, Size and distribution of the California Brown Pelican metapopulation in a non-ENSO year: Marine Ornithology, v. 41, p. 95-106. [Details]

Henny, C.J., 2013, Book Review- Gyrfalcons and Ptarmigan in a Changing World: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 47, no. 1, p. 83-86. [Details]

Naiman, R.J., Alldredge, J.R., Beauchamp, D.A., Bisson, P.A., Congleton, J., Henny, C.J., Huntly, N., Lamberson, R., Levings, C., Merrill, E.N., Pearcy, W.G., Rieman, B.E., Ruggerone, G.T., Scarnecchia, D., Smouse, P.E., Wood, C.C., 2012, Developing a broader scientific foundation for river restoration- Columbia River food webs: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, v. 109, no. 52, p. 21201-21207,[Details]

Henny, C.J., Grove, R.A., Kaiser, J.L., Johnson, B.L., Furl, C.V., Letcher, R.J., 2011, Wastewater dilution index partially explains observed polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardant concentrations in osprey eggs from Columbia River Basin, 2008-2009: Ecotoxicology, v. 20, no. 4, p. 682-697. [Details]

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