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Christian E. Torgersen

Torgersen, Christian E.

Supervisory Research Landscape Ecologist

Office: 206-616-1874
Fax: 206-685-0790
Cell: 541-231-0277
Univ. of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Box 352100,
Seattle, WA 98195-2100


B.A. (1993) Geography, German (double major), Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon
M.S. (1996) Fisheries Science (Geography minor), Oregon State University
Ph.D. (2002) Fisheries Science, Oregon State University

Research Interests

Landscape ecology, riverine landscapes, watershed processes, ecological scaling, water quality, fish habitat, land use/land cover change, landscape scenario modeling, spatial analysis, remote sensing, GIS

Research Team

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Bellmore, J.R., Duda, J.J., Craig, L., Greene, S.L., Torgersen, C.E., Collins, M.J., Vittum, K.M., 2017, Status and trends of dam removal research in the United States: WIREs Water, v. 4, p. e1164,[Details]

Cram, J.M., Torgersen, C.E., Klett, R.S., Pess, G.R., May, D., Pearsons, T.N., Dittman, A.H., 2017, Spatial variability of Chinook Salmon interannual spawning distribution and habitat preferences: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, v. 146, no. 2, p. 206-221,[Details]

Foley, M.M., Bellmore, J.R., O'Connor, J.E., Duda, J.J., East, A.E., Grant, G.E., Anderson, C.W., Bountry, J.A., Collins, M.J., Connolly, P.J., Craig, L.S., Evans, J.E., Greene, S.L., Magilligan, F., Magirl, C.S., Major, J.J., Pess, G.R., Randle, T.J., Shafroth, P.B., Torgersen, C.E., Tullos, D., Wilcox, A.C., 2017, Dam removal- Listening in: Water Resources Research, v. 53, no. 7, p. 5229-5246,[Details]

Foley, M.M., Magilligan, F., Torgersen, C.E., Major, J., Anderson, C.W., Connolly, P.J., Wieferich, D., Shafroth, P.B., Evans, J.E., Infante, D., Craig, L., 2017, Landscape context and the biophysical response of rivers to dam removal in the United States: PLOS ONE, v. 12, no. 7, p. e0180107,[Details]

Le Pichon, C., Tales, E., Belliard, J., Torgersen, C.E., 2017, Spatially intensive sampling by electrofishing for assessing longitudinal discontinuities in fish distribution in a headwater stream: Fisheries Research, v. 185, p. 90–101,[Details]

Steel, E.A., Beechie, T.J., Torgersen, C.E., Fullerton, A.H., 2017, Envisioning, quantifying, and managing thermal regimes on river networks: BioScience, v. 67, no. 6, p. 506-522,[Details]

Brennan, S.R., Torgersen, C.E., Hollenbeck, J.P., Fernandez, D.P., Jensen, C.K., Schindler, D.E., 2016, Dendritic network models- Improving isoscapes and quantifying influence of landscape and in-stream processes on strontium isotopes in rivers: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, p. 5043–5051,[Details]

Fullerton, A.H., Torgersen, C.E., Lawler, J.J., Faux, R.N., Steel, E.A., Beechie, T.J., Ebersole, J.L., Leibowitz, S.J., 2015, Rethinking the longitudinal stream temperature paradigm- region-wide comparison of thermal infrared imagery reveals unexpected complexity of river temperatures: Hydrological Processes, v. 29, p. 4719-4737,[Details]

Starr, J.C., Torgersen, C.E., 2015, Polymorphic mountain whitefish (Prosopium williamsoni) in a coastal riverscape- Size class assemblages, distribution, and habitat associations: Ecology of Freshwater Fish, v. 24, no. 4, p. 505-518. [Details]

Weekes, A.A., Torgersen, C.E., Montgomery, D.R., Woodward, A., Bolton, S.M., 2015, Hydrologic response to valley-scale structure in alpine headwaters: Hydrological Processes, v. 29, p. 356-372,[Details]

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