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Mark R. Fuller

Fuller, Mark R.

Scientist Emeritus

970 Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706


B.S. Colorado State University, Biology, 1968
M.S. Central Washington University, Zoology, 1971
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Ecology and Behavioral Biology, minor Wildlife Biology 1979


Avian ecology, raptor biology

Research Interests

Avian habitat associations, annual movements; Raptor population dynamics, survey and monitoring, food habits; natural resources conservation


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Hunt, G., Wiens, J.D., Law, P.R., Fuller, M.R., Hunt, T., Driscoll, D., Jackman, R.E., 2017, Quantifying the demographic cost of human-related mortality to a raptor population: PLOS ONE, v. 12, no. 2, p. e0172232,[Details]

Craig, E.H., Adams, J.R., Waits, L.P., Fuller, M.R., Whittington, D., 2016, Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA analyses of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos canadensis) from three areas in western North America; initial results and conservation implications: PLOS ONE, v. 11, no. 10, p. e0164248,[Details]

Eakle, W.L., Bond, L.S., Fuller, M.R., Fischer, R., Steenhof, K., 2015, Wintering bald eagle count trends in the coterminous United States, 1986–2010: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 49, no. 3, p. 259-268,[Details]

Kirol, C.P., Sutphin, A.L., Bond, L.S., Maechtle, T.L., Fuller, M.R., 2015, Mitigation effectiveness for improving nesting success of greater sage-grouse influenced by energy development: Wildlife Biology, v. 21, p. 98-109,[Details]

Wiens, J.D., Kolar, P.S., Fuller, M.R., Hunt, W., Hunt, T., 2015, Estimation of occupancy, breeding success, and predicted abundance of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the Diablo Range, California 2014: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015-1039, p. 23,[Details]

Eakle, W.L., Haggerty, P.K., Fuller, M.R., Phillips, S.L., 2013, Golden Eagle Records from the Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey-Information for Wind Energy Management and Planning: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 753, p. online. [Details]

Fuller, M.R., Fuller, T.K., 2012, Radio-telemetry equipment and applications for carnivores In Boitani, L., Powell, R.A., eds., Carnivore Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques: New York, NY, Oxford University Press, p. 152-168. [Details]

Bart, J., Fuller, M.R., Smith, P.A., Dunn, L., 2011, Use of large-scale, multi-species surveys to monitor gyrfalcon and ptarmigan populations In Watson, R.T., Cade, T.J., Fuller, M.R., Potapov, E.R., Hunt, G., eds., Gyrfalcons and Ptarmigan in a Changing World: Boise, ID, The Peregrine Fund, p. 1-9. [Details]

Booms, T.L., Schempf, P.F., Fuller, M.R., 2011, Preening behavior of adult gyrfalcons tagged with backpack transmitters: Journal of Raptor Research, v. 45, no. 3, p. 264-267. [Details]

Booms, T.L., Schempf, P.F., McCaffery, B.J., Lindberg, M.S., Fuller, M.R., 2011, Detection probability of gyrfalcons and other cliff-nesting raptors during aerial surveys in Alaska In Watson, R.T., Cade, T.J., Fuller, M.R., Hunt, G., Potapov, E.R., eds., Gyrfalcons and Ptarmigan in a Changing World: Boise, ID, The Peregrine Fund, p. 1-4. [Details]

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