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Todd Katzner

Katzner, Todd

Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist

Office: 208-426-5232
970 Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706


Ph.D. 2003, Arizona State University
M.S. 1994, University of Wyoming
B.A. 1991, Oberlin College


Ecology, Animal Movement, Conservation Biology, Ornithology, Mammalogy, Population Biology, Animal Biotelemetry

Research Interests

My research interests focus on wildlife conservation ecology and the interaction between wildlife and the role of wildlife in natural systems. Much of my work is built around utilization of novel technologies and approaches to wildlife ecology. I was part of a team that developed the first non-invasive monitoring scheme for any avian species, I was involved in development of novel high-frequency GPS-GSM telemetry systems for tracking migratory birds, and I developed a network of camera traps to monitor abundance and distribution of terrestrial avian scavengers across eastern North America. Much of my recent funding is focused on evaluating the potential impacts of renewable energy development on conservation-dependent birds.


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Kamp, J., Koshkin, M.A., Bragina, T.M., Katzner, T.E., Milner-Gulland, E.J., Schreiber, D., Sheldon, R., Shmalenko, A., Smelansky, I., Terraube, J., Urazaliev, R., 2016, Persistent and novel threats to the biodiversity of Kazakhstan’s steppes and semi-deserts: Biodiversity and Conservation, v. 25, p. 2521–2541,[Details]


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